Blogging Basics: Ask Questions To Your Blog Readers

If you want to make your blog a space where readers can participate one thing you can do is use the pool feature provided by Blogger. With this feature you can ask your readers questions and decide the answer options.
You can also decide for how long that pool is going to last. When the defined time expires you can write a blog post about the pool results.
I think the pool feature is useful, you can ask your readers their opinions about specific topics related to your blog and get their answers anonymously. Some people don´t like to comment or identify themselves when expressing their opinions so the pool feature is a good solution.
To have a pool in your blog, all you need to do is go to your scheme pannel, select "add element" and then choose "Blog Pool". A new window will open where you can type your question, answer options, and select the expire time.
After you´ve done, you have to save the new element. After this part is done you can choose where to place the pool in your blog trough the drag and drop feature provided by blogger to arrange page elements.
See you soon.

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lsutiger17 said...

Your blog is great! Keep it up. Any of the sites that you reveiw that I am not a member of I will join under you.

joseph said...

Olá: Sou membro recente e achei o teu blog interessante.

Diz-me uma coisa: Escreves os teus artigos em inglês ou é o Referral que faz a tradução?
Até um dia destes.