Advertising in Blogs

Hi everyone.
Today´s post is about advertising in blogs.
If you surf the blogosphere you´ll find different types of blogs in what concerns advertising. Some blogs don´t have advertising at all, something that is becoming more rare, while others use it in different graduations.
Some blogs have just a few blocks of advertising, while others have too many. I´m sure you´ve seen some of this last blogs, they look like certain magazines nowadays, more advertising than useful content.
Most bloggers use advertising in their blogs to earn some money, it´s called "Blog Monetizing". I will post more often about this topic, so this post starts a new section here in Night Clicks called "Blog Monetizing". In this section I will share my experiences and observations in this field.
For now, I have many questions and a few answers:

Advertising in blogs can really generate revenue?
R: Yes it can.

Which type of advertising can generate more revenue?
R: ?

Which advertising companies should I choose?
R: I read Adsense is good but there are many others.

So, what type of blogs should include advertising?
R: Depends on the type of advertising.
Some blogs are better than others to use contextual advertising like Adsense. Adsense identifies specific topics in a blog´s content and delivers correspondent ads, so with contextual advertising a good part of the revenue will depend on the blog´s content. One important factor is traffic, yoú will only earn from ads people click in. So, in theory, the more visitors your blog has, the more clicks should generate.

Is advertising in blogs effective?
R: ?

Do you think readers mind the advertising you have in your blog or they simply ignore it?
R: ?

For now, I have all this questions. Maybe I can answer some of this questions along the way. If you have answers to this questions that you´d like to share, please use the comment section, it´s opened.
I will start by using Adsense and I will report my results in future posts.
See you.

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