Blogger Status: School Exams Are Over For Now

Hi everyone.
It´s been a while since my last post so I decided to update Night Clicks with a blogger status post to let you know what I´ve been up to.
Well my exam season is finished, for now. I made my exam and I´m confident I dida good job answering so many difficult questions in only 1,5 hours.
Me and my collegues also presented our paperwork to the class and we had positive feedback from our teacher and mates. I don´t know the grade we had in this paperwork yet. To know the grades I´ll have to wait until the end of the current month, when a new school semester begins.
I´m not very worried about the grades because from the work I´ve done I will sure pass. Also, the most important isn´t the grades but what I´ve learned, right?
Well, after this months of hard work I really need to rest, but not yet. First I have to finish residence and write the final report, which must have around 100 pages, 20 references and all the cases we´ve studied during residence, plus the description of all activities.
So, this is what I´ve been up to. I will update Night Clicks with more blogging resources posts in a near future. See you then.

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