Bloggers Communities

Hi everyone.
Lately I´ve been searching for blog communities to sign up Night Clicks. I already joined Technorati, you can see the button in my sidebar.
I think blogger communities can be useful to many new blogs. You can get more traffic and readers to your blog, find new interesting blogs to read and learn from more experienced bloggers.
This type of communities can also be a good help to find which topics interest people the most and read recent news and important events.
You can also get votes for your blog from other users of the community. In Technorati this votes are your authority, you can use a widget in your blog showing the number of votes you gained.
Another thing you can get from this communities is links to your blog, which are important to rank well in Google. This is another topic important for some bloggers. I´ll address it in future posts.
See you soon.

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