More Bloggers Communities

Hi everyone.
I came across two more Bloggers Communities that may help you get more exposure to your blog. In this type of websites you can get more visitors to your blog because it gets listed in a certain categorie within the community blog directory.
You can also have a profile page where you can add more information about you and list all your blogs. Other users can visit your blog and join your neighborhood or become your blog reader/follower.
The two communities I think are worth joining is Blogcatalog and Blogrush. You can see Blogrush widget in my sidebar.
If you want to get new readers to your blog, a good way is to socialize with other bloggers and this communities are the perfect place to be. If you don´t socialize you´ll get isolated from the rest of the blogosphere.
It´s up to you to decide what type of blog you want to build but if you look to famous blogs you´ll check that their strengh comes from readership, comments and traffic, loads of them.
Building a blog takes time, and knowledge, you can´t expect that all blogs will be the number one in their niche. Some blogs become famous while others are only medium sized. The majority never leaves the dark and unknown corners of the blogosphere world to shine in the "Hollywood Boulevard" of blogs.
See you soon.

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