Services Review - Meo - 3 in One

Hi everyone. Today I´m posting my first service review. I decided to start a new blog section called "Useful Services" to post reviews about different types of services (online and offline) that I consider useful.
Recently, I´ve subscribed a company that exists in my country which saved me some money in three services I was using: Cable TV, home thelephone and Internet ADSL connection.
I was using 3 different services: TV Cabo (50 Channels cable TV), Portugal Telecom (PT) for the phone and Sapo ADSL for the internet, with unlimited national and international traffic.
This new service, called "Meo", just lauched by PT, is a great 3 in one. Meo includes Cable TV, unlimited regional phonecalls and ADSL internet with unlimited nacional and international traffic. It also has a feature that records your favourite TV shows to see them later and another one that allows you to rent films, series and documentaries without leaving your sofa. The price of the rented session will be added in your monthly bill. Prices range from 0.50 to 2.00 Euros. In the videoclub each new film is 2.00 Euros for 24 hours and if you bring an older film you pay 2.00 Euros for two days.
I have this new service installed in my flat since the begining of this week and I´m very happy with it. Besides saving some money I now have a faster internet connection and a video club at home! My daughter is delighted with Disney Channel and the other kids channels we didn´t have before.
If you´re using this type of services you can save some money if you find a company that provides the three services in one package. All you need to do is get informed in your local provider´s office.

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