Firefox: A Good Browser

Hi everyone.
I´ve been using Mozilla Firefox Browser for some moths now. In fact, lately I´ve been using both Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers, and I stopped using Opera.
I discovered that Firefox works well and fast, even when I´m doing multitask.
There´s only a litle problem in using Firefox: Not all sites are compatible with this browser. When you try to open a site not compatible with Firefox either you get an error message reporting that there´s no connection available, or you see the site with some errors, mostly in images or banners. For example, when I use Firefox the site of my banking on-line doesn´t work properly but when I surf other blogs it works much better than the other browsers I was using.
If you don´t have Firefox yet, click the button below, with the fun fox, to download the browser software.

Foxkeh banners for Firefox 2

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