Blog Topics: Changes in Night Clicks

This post starts a new section, called "Night Clicks Topics" where I will post subjects that concern Night Clicks, like changes I´m making and other important things.
I´d like to let readers know I´m making some changes in my blog. First, I need to change the template to something more sofisticated but also green and free. I´m looking for free resources for Blogger templates and I will sure blog about it when I find useful websites.
The second thing I´m doing in Night Clicks is reducing the advertising space. I removed some advertising banners I had in my sidebar and footer and I intend to reduce all advertising in my blog. Times are changing for me, so I´d like my blog to reflect some betterments too.
I don´t want my blog to be filled with advertising just to earn a few bucks with it. I prefer to use only Adsense until I can reach some conclusions.
Besides this changes I´ve been searching for free resources for blogs to write new posts. There´s so many free stuff available online. One just needs to know where to look for. The best help is to Google what you´re searching, they do a good job selecting relevant results for your search terms, in my opinion, much better than Yahoo.

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