Yuwie is Growing

Yuwie is growing very fast. Every day, thousands of new members are joining this social network site thet pays. It now has near 500,000 users.
I´m having a nice time there. I joined this site last September, but I only become more active in December.
I have about 150 friends, not many, compared to some of my friends there. There are many users that have thousands of yuwie friends. I rather have less friends that visit my profile often, than having lots of friends that never leave me comments.I try to return all the comments and rates in double.
I also found some sites that have nice comments, like Photobucket, Commentyou, Glimbo, etc. My favorite comment themes are: Fantasy, angels, abstracts, animals, flowers, nature comments, and things that make me laugh.
If you like this kind of sites, you shouldn´t miss the social network that pays.
To get more info on how it works, please check Yuwie.com.

2 comentários:

José Pereira said...

Olá Mizé:

Que Blogue tão interessante! Artigos curtos, bem escritos,captam com facilidade a simpatia de quem a visita.
Não tenho tratado bem o meu. Ás vezes até esqueço que tenho um blogue.

Gostei do seu. Vou fazer um comentário no Link Referral.
Voltarei um dia destes.
Parabéns, e continue que vai bem.

Mizé said...

Olá José. Obrigado pela visita. Segui o seu comentário no seu blog. Volte sempre.