Article Directory - Article Alley

In a previous post I mentioned that some Article Directories allow you to include a link in each article. While reading Leadsleap´s viral Blog I found about one good Directory:
Article Alley is online since November 2004, and “was created as an Internet resource to to help promote the understanding of the Internet and www related issues” (Article Alley, 2008).
Article Alley publishes in many different topics, including: Career, Make Money Working from Home, Blogs, Business, Hardware, Software, Music, Pets, Food, Health and Fitness, Home-and-Family, Automotive, Fashion, Religion, etc. They also run a network of informational Sites: A1 Articles, Women's Articles, Web Hosting Articles, Article Heaven, Index Plex Directory, Going Legal, and Finance Alley. Content submitted to any of their sites may get used elsewhere on the network if their editors feel the content is appropriate.
Two days ago, I´ve submitted an article about making money with a Blog and I´m waiting it´s approval. I didn´t publish this article before, but I will include it here in my “Make money with a Blog” posts.
I´ve been using Leadsleap free advertising system for about one month. I was introduced to Leadsleap by a Yuwie friend and, in a near future, I´d like to write a proper review of this free adverting system.