Link Referral Reviews

I wrote a review about Link Referral in older posts. In this site you can get traffic to your blog/site and reviews by other members. I´m posting here a sample of what other members wrote about my blog:

"A great informative blog. You have GPT/paid survey sites that I haven't even heard of, so you've given me more money making sites to research. I like the green too. It's different looking than the average site, but still professional and tidy.."

"Very nice looking blog! Great mix of content and images, navigates easily, and you have some good proven programs on there! Good luck and nice job."

"I carefully read all the post on the site and what is really good about the site is that there is no false hype but honest communication. It covers more or less the same subjects as my own blog and I found the content to be very good for people wanting to start earning online. By reading about the progress wether it is good or bad it gives the starter an objective view of the starting proces. I also found some interesting links to sites that document scamsites, which I will include in my hugpage on scams."

I´d like to thank all Link Referral´s members that wrote reviews of my blog. Thanks for the tips many of you gave me to improve it.