Yuwie: New Features

Yuwie has new features.
After the video feature, Yuwie has now a new toolbar. This toolbar can only be downloaded from Y-Guy page and it allows you to link directly to some options, change layouts from the pages while you visit them, when you don´t like them, and make searches in the site.
Another new feature is the possibility to pinch or poke our friends. In this feature you have many options like wave, smile, kiss, hug, hi five, hit, etc. This new features allows users to interact more.
My referral tree is now growing and i won another random referral. I have a total of 30 referrals in 4 levels. I also have more friends now. Every day i receive new friendship requests. I have now around 300 friends. Some days it´s not easy to answer all the comments and rates my friends send me, but i catch up as soon as i can, and i have a lot of fun doing it.
I wrote a blog to my new referrals with useful information about the site that i collected from a few different sources. I´ve checked my account settings today and in my payment settings i verified that there is the option of $5 dollars minimum payout, and they pay to Paypal.