I Got New Jobs: I`ll Make More Money

I´ve been very busy in the last few days. I have my part-time work outside the house, my daughter to look after, my studies, my house cleaning, and my online money making activities.
I´m very happy with my recent jobs. I started a part-time on 12th March, I started writing articles to submit to some Directories and I´ve been doing more reviews. The article writing is not a paid job but I consider it an investment for my Blogs. Besides this I try to write content every day, and I still find some time to make a few GPT Sites.
Lately, I only go to Yuwie three times a week for about 30 minutes each. On weekends I spend a bit more time there. Yuwie can be very addictive because it´s so much fun. It´s easy to spend all night hanging out with friends, exchanging comments, rates, etc. Another task very time consuming is finding new comments. There are many Sites with free codes but it takes more time if you do it the way I do. I copy paste all the comments to Word files and I write down to whom I sent them. This way I always know which comments I sent, to whom, and I keep a collection of comments and pics of all sorts.
I think that my earnings for the next months are going to be higher than they were utill now. I don´t have an exact goal because I´ve just started this new activities, but I´ll keep you updated in my future balance posts.