Free Online Contests Site: Breakthevault

As far as I can remember, I´ve always liked contests. When I was nine years old I won a sand construction contest and I had my picture published in a newspaper, it was a great feeling. Since then, I´ve participated in some contests but I never won a big prize. In my house, the family´s favorite TV shows are contests. All family participates and we have a lot of fun. My favorite contests are those with clues that you have to guess to discover the final solution.
I found a new Site that offers this format of games: It´s Breakthevault. Breakthevault is a free online contests Site where members can win cash or prizes.
It works very simply, every Monday a new contest is launched, and everyday another clue is released. Members of Breakthevault have unlimited chances to enter each game and the first one to guess the answer wins cash or prizes. When a contest gets solved before Monday a new game is launched, so there´s always one contest running. The prize depends on the difficulty of the game. Another good thing is that every contest will be won. Every prize will be distributed because the Site accepts backup winners for every contest.
If you are at least 18 years old, and a resident of US, check out this great free online contests Site: Breakthevault. Right now they have the contest “Where in the World”.