I Signed Up for PPP Site

I saw an advertising of PPP in a Site. It caught my attention but I didn´t sign up right away. Some days after, I read a post about PPP in a Blog I frequently read. That´s when I signed up for PPP.
In PPP you get paid for blogging. You will review, promote and market products, services and websites for PayPerPost advertisers and get cash for it.
It works very simply: First you visit PPP Marketplace to check the offers available to you, then you write the post following the advertiser recommendations and submit it to approval. About 30 days after you´ve posted the approved sponsored review in your Blog you get paid to your Paypal account.
In PPP you also have the PPP Direct option which allows advertisers and bloggers to communicate directly and establish post details. Another earning option is Review my Post . You review other PPP member´s post and get paid for it. PPP also has an Affiliate Program, you can earn $15 for each referral.
I signed up for PPP because I like writing. I think that writing sponsored reviews is a great way to develop my writing skills and also may represent an income resource for my projects: Finish University and build my house in a small piece of land I bought. Since I´ve joined PPP I´ve came across many well written blogs, I´ve learned several tips to improve my own blog and once I´m a recent member, I´m sure I will learn much more. Check out their word of mouth ethics.