Yuwie.com: How to get Random Referrals?

New users cannot sign up unreferred in Yuwie anymore. Any new user that signs up unreferred will automatically be assigned to an existing member. This happens because the site is not in BETA anymore. They also changed servers and the site is loading faster.
This info about random referrals stated in Yuwie site is true. I was lucky because I won a few random referrals myself. Some of them are not active, but I got one that already brought a few more referrals to my tree.
What determines who gets this new member? There are three qualifications that have to be meet before Yuwie sistem picks an account to assign the new member to:

1. You have to have been a member for more than 30 days.

2. You have to have been online in the last hour.

3. You can only receive one random referral per day.

The system will randomly pull a user ID from all accounts that meet these three requirements and assign the new member to their level 1.
Things you need to know:

-All assignments are random, you may never get a random referral.
-These assigned members may be studs or duds.
-They may refer 100s of people, or they may delete their account in ten minutes. Either way, we will not assign you a different referral.
-You will receive a message when you receive one of these random referrals.
-The more you are online, the better your chances are to get a random referral.

I already got four random referrals but two of them aren´t active. Well, at least for now. This info, and much more is available in Yuwie site. Don´t forget to check Yuwie radio too.