Save Money in Phone Calls: Use Prepaid Cards

Not long ago I wrote a post with some tips to save money in phone bills.
One thing I recommended in my post was the use of Prepaid phone cards whenever you have to make international calls. I have some relatives in USA, and I like to call them frequently. After trying a few operators I realized that prepaid cards are the cheapest way to call abroad.
Prepaid phone cards have many advantages: they are easy to buy and to use, they are economical and they offer a good quality of connection with the lowest rates.
I found a Site, very well designed and user friendly, that sells phone cards to call international destinations, ranging from Asia to Middle East and Europe. Their Web Site has a feature called “Phone Card Finder” that allows costumers to search for the best prepaid phone cards or international calling cards to call from United States to almost everywhere in the world with much cheaper rates than from large companies like at&t, sprint, etc.
To buy a prepaid phone card all you have to do is choose the best phone card for your calling country, get the PIN for your phone card and access numbers for the card online, that are delivered instantly so you can start calling right away. This company also has services where you can earn 3% cash back bonus on purchases. With services like this there are no excuses, call the ones you love in a blink and save money at the same time.