Writing Articles and Increasing Traffic

This post is about “Ways to Make Money Online”, topic “Writing Articles”.
If you like writing articles and you have a Blog or Site I would like to share a tip that I hope will help some of my Blog´s readers. This tip is a good way to get some more popularity and traffic trough Article Directories.
Article directories allow you to include several links in each article. For example, the directory I use allows me to include one relevant link in each approved resume. If I write about making money I always include Night Clicks for Extras´s URL in the resume. Most Article Directories allow you to include one link, but I read that some may allow more. So, if you´re writing good content articles in your Site/Blog, submit some of them to Article Directories and get some more exposure and traffic. I found a list of Article Directories in a blog, I´m checking if all links are updated, how the Directories work and I´ll report what I found when I finish this research.