Saving and Living Frugally

I mentioned in previous posts that I´ve spent the last six years of my life studying in University as a full-time Job. I started working when I was 18 years old and I always managed to save some pocket money but since I started studying full-time I had to change many things in my life. Since I started University my expenses increased and I became more interested in saving money, specially because I wasn´t earning any.
About two years ago I embraced another difficult project. I bought a small propriety, using a personal loan. In a near future I´d like to build in this land my first own house. Since I started paying my loan to the bank I became more interested in subjects like saving, investments, mortgage, rates, etc.
Recently while I was reading “Move to Portugal” I found some good blogs with tips to save money and ideas to live frugally.
To achieve my goals I had to work hard and avoid many expenses. I had to get used to live with less money than I was used to. This experiences´s results are an increasing interest in making money and living well with less. No, I haven´t become Budist, but I have to confess that I´m less materialist now than I was ten years ago.
This blogs I read gave me the idea to write about my own saving tips in my other blog: “ My Country Home ”.