Blog Directories - "To Find and To Be Found"

Are you blogging just for yourself, or you´d like others to find and read your blog?
If you´re a part of this second type of bloggers you have to "socialize" your blog, that´s what Internet new generation is all about.
A good way to find other bloggers, and to be found by them is using Blog Directories. I mentioned before this path as a good way to get traffic to your blog, and maybe get new readers or bloggers that share your interests. I still support this idea. I´ve been using this option more often now that I realised it´s value and my traffic is growing each day. New readers can be a great contribution to your blog, and socializing is essential. So, this time I´ve been searching for blog directories I could add my blog to. By the way, I listed Night Click in One Million Blogs too. Here´s a small list where you can start finding and being found:

Blogarama -

Addyourblog - (reciprocal) -

Answers -

Blogbunch -

Blogcode -

Blogdigger -

Blogexplosion -

Blog-collector -

Bloggernow -

Blogflux -

Bloghub -

Blogs-collection -

Bloggernity -

Icerocket -

Globeofblogs -

Blogs-collection -

5starblogs -

FindingBlog -

Technorati -

2 comentários:

Lilly's Life said...

Thanks for that list. Your blog is really inteesting. Hope your studies were ok.

Mizé said...

Hi Lily, thanks for visiting one of my blogs. I really liked yours too!
The list I have is bigger, if you like, I can send it to you, just mail me. Cheers!