New Bloggers Community: The Shiny Spark

I found a shiny spark for all bloggers that like to socialize and earn money from their blogs: It´s SocialSpark, and it´s Live now.
In my previous review about this site I mentioned that Social Spark is a free social marketing network that puts advertisers and bloggers in touch through a marketplace, and that you can make money writing sponsored reviews or selling advertising space in your Blog.
I joined this community in April and I´d like to share some of my experiences there. I think this site has an user friendly interface, the marketplace itself is innovative, you can see how it looks in the screenshot below, and I´ve seen some very well paid campaigns there.
Social Spark provides nice features that allow you to customize your profile, update your Bio anytime, browse other blogs and build a community. The site has a private message system and a profile comments section so you can keep in touch with your friends. Yesterday I made new friends there, I now have twenty three new friends and seven props up to Night Clicks. As I usual I´ll keep reporting my progress here.
I´d like to remember that SocialSpark has a code of ethics 100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure, 100% Transparency, 100% Real opinions and it´s Search Engine Friendly because you can add “no follow tags” to advertisers links. For example, to assure transparency you have to include a code for a disclosure badge that must be placed at the end of each post, which is a way to protect both bloggers and advertisers. Another positive thing is that every participant is made viewed to the public, and because profiles have a good amount of information about the user´s activity you can see which opportunities bloggers took.

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God's Property said...

Nice post, sure I think this is a really great site even though I'm just a couple of days there. Kudos!