I´m Looking for a Button for Night Clicks

Hi everyone! This weekend I´ve been working a lot. I have to finish my school report until the end of May. Anyway, I always find a bit of time to update my blogs.
I´ve been looking for a banner and a button (125X125) for Night Clicks. I´ve searched for free banner making sites but I couldn´t find one that suits me. I´d like something simple but original. So, I need some help in this. If anyone knows a good way to get a customized button, I would really appreciate some tips. I´ve seen some nice blog awards buttons but I don´t know where I can get one of those.
If anyone can help me out in this, please leave a comment or a message in my shoutbox. Thanks.

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bogyvet said...

well if you need just say what you need.... :)

I made for you as you like just contact me free !!!!

te-edu.info admin

Mizé said...

Thanks for offering your help.