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Blogger status today is: A litle bad humor.
The past weeks have been hectic and this week I had a problem with my internet provider, they had technical problems and I couldn´t connect me to for 2 days (grrr...). Because of this I lost a few opportunities and now I have a lot of stuff to catch up. Once I couldn´t visit my favorite GPT sites or work online, I used this time to work in my school paperworks and in some posts about Articles and Article Directories. During this days I also putted some thought in my blog´s ads section, as you might noticed I removed Google ads again. I´m not sure what to do, and I´m not happy with it at all. Anybody has suggestions?
One thing I know, I have to work harder to find a good solution for Night Clicks. I´m also working in link building and I joined a couple more Blog communities.
In this Blog´s communities I found something interesting I´d like to share: It seems that because I´m blogging about earning money, working from home and GPT sites, Night Clicks is considered by some as a "spam blog". For example, my blog was rejected by Blogcatalog and other sites claim that Night Clicks is a fake or spam. Of course, this made me laugh. A simple unknown blog cannot post about earning money online topics because it´s spam.
Just a little note to end this post, don´t want to be envy but I have to shout it out: The last time I visited a top blog I watched a video with two tips that mentioned two sites as a good resource for tips. I visited this sites and guess what, they were selling software. I guess that coming from some big blogging star, affiliate marketing or whatever top bloggers promote to earn money is Ok. Well let me tell you something, in my dictionary that´s hypocrisy.

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