- Made Some Changes

After the April contest, Fishing4mails PTR site has made some changes in the way they send paid e-mails.
If you´re not receiving their mails in your e-mail box, don´t worry they´re not closing, they just made a few changes. All mails are now sent to your site INBOX. From now on you have to visit the site, you won´t get anymore mails in your mail address.
I remember that this is one of my favorite "Pay To Read" to make money. They send about 5/8 e-mails everyday, in Portugal time, I get this mails at night, what guives me less chances of geting expired mails. Each mail worth $0.25, and many don´t have time runners which is great, I spend less time reading mails. They pay once a month, no minimum, to your PayPal account, and they pay fast after your request. And in top of this you earn 50% of your referrals activities. To earn money with this PTR is as easy as it can get.
If you´re using PTR sites, check out Fishing4mails.

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