New "Bux Sites": A Boom

This weekend, after sorting my list of GPT, I visited many sites to keep my account active and check what´s happening in GPT world. I paid attention to ads and I noticed something I have to blog about: I noticed a boom of "Bux" sites.
You know what I think about this type of GPT, I said it before, they all look the same to me. I have some questions about this boom: Why are there so many new sites? And why do they look all the same? Isn´t this niche already saturated?
If you´re using GPT sites to make money online, just watch out before you sign up in a new site. Nobody knows if they´re ever going to pay and how long they will last. I noticed that most of this new sites have high minimum payout, like $10.00 or $7.50. It´s better to consider all odds when signing up a new GPT, remember what happened with Moratraffic?
Another detail I noticed in this last days is that Nocturnalemails Paypal account was blocked once again. Nocturnal and Redneck are not paying to Paypal at this moment, but they do pay to e-gold.

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