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Some days ago I did a review of PPP but I didn´t mention Smorty.
Smorty is a Pay per Post site where you can earn money writing sponsored reviews. The procedure in Smorty is similar to other PPP. First, you sign up and submit your URL. Then, you have to wait for approval, they might take some days to review your site, you just have to be patient because they´ll send you an e-mail with their answer.
Once your Blog is approved, you have to check the site´s marketplace to see if there are any new jobs/campaigns available for you. If you have an available campaign, you must reserve the opportunity. Then, you write the post following advertisers guidelines (number of words, review´s content or tone, etc), publish it, and submit the post URL to approval. Once your post is approved you get paid within a week. This is the best thing about this PPP site, you don´t have to wait 30 days or more to be paid, Smorty pays every week to PayPal.
I already got four campaigns from this site, and I accepted two. I refused the other two opportunities because they were both from the same advertiser and I had sponsored a post to this company not long before. I accepted the other two opportunities, my posts were approved and I already got paid for one of this posts. Not bad, for a start.
Smorty has an affiliate program, you can earn money from bloggers you introduce to this site. Another cool feature is the possibility of exchanging reviews with other Bloggers. You can exchange reviews with Blogs of a related theme to yours. Please, check all the details of this program in Smorty TOS for Bloggers.

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