Earnings Balance: April was an Emotional Month

It´s about time to do a monthly earnings balance.
April was a fantastic but emotional month for me: Good and bad things happened. I´ll talk about the good things now and leave the bad stuff for future posts.
April was kind of a turning month for Night Clicks. I moved in different directions to experiment different ways to make money online. What did I do?
I started using DP Forum more often;
I signed up PPP sites;
I wrote more articles and Blog posts;
I made a selection in GPT I was using;
I spent more time reading = Learned more;
I spent less time in Yuwie;

I earned more money online, but most of the money wasn´t paid yet. I will only get paid in May. So, I´m reporting the money I earned till 3oth April.
In GPT I was paid by: Nocturnalemail, Clixncash (twice); Donkeymails and My-ptr; I reached payout in Fishing4mails and in Redneck but I´m waiting to be paid. This made a total of $6.60 dollars. I made a few more bucks in sites with higher minimum payout but I don´t know when I´ll cashout this money.

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