Do I Need a Degree to Read your Blog?

In one of my Night Clicks session I was searching for info about articles when I came across a site that offers a funny free tool, it´s called I can´t remember exactly how I found the site, but I bookmarked it and I thought it would be funny to blog about it. Website has a toll to check what level of education is required to understand a Site, Blog or Webpage. This tool also works on Myspace profiles, Facebook, livejournals, and most websites. My Blog´s reading level is "Genious", lol, have you checked yours?
To check your Blog´s reading level all you have to do is type your site´s URL in the box provided and push the Ok button. Then the Criticsrant tool produces a HTML code you can copy paste to your site and have a banner just like mine, but with your Blog´s reading level.

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