SocialSpark: The New Social Marketing Network is Live!

In some of my last posts I explained that I´ve been looking for new directions to monetize Night Clicks. Well, today I´d like to announce that is live!
SocialSpark is a Social Marketing Network that puts advertisers and bloggers in touch through the site´s marketplace. Advertisers can select blogs by topics to build buzz, generate traffic and get more exposure, while Bloggers can make money by displaying advertisements on their Blogs or by writing sponsored content like this post I´m writing.
Socialspark´s marketplace follows the laws of the real market, this means that the same sponsored post can worth different values in the same day. You can also know which campaigns other Bloggers accepted. I think this feature establishes the difference between Social Sparks and other similar PPP, because for me transparency is essential.
There´s a big difference between SocialSpark and other websites that work wit blog advertising. Social Spark is more than a PPP site, above all, it´s a Social Network where you can make friends, interact and keep in touch with a big community of Bloggers that share the same interests. I´ve visited the comunity and I came across interesting Blogs in many different topics, like financial, home-life, education, amongst others.
In Social Sparks you can build a Profile and gain reputation when you get "promp up" by other users. I think that a profile is a good way to promote yourself and Social Spark to other Bloggers and potencial advertisers.
Social Sparks has a code of ethics with 100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure, Transparency, and is Search Engine Friendly.

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