Plan Vacations and Check Destinations with Google Earth Maps

Hi. Once I´ve been posting about vacations I´d like to share some amazing things I saw using Google Earth Maps.
When I used Google Earth Maps to check some cities in Portugal I was amazed with the images´quality. The satellite images are so accurate and defined that you can actualy see peolpe at the beach.
I never went to Spanish Baleares but I´d like to visit Palma de Maiorca island. When I used Google Earth Maps to check how was the beach there I was amaized too. With this tool you can plan vacations virtualy by checking the spots you intent to visit.
One country I couldn´t see using this tool was Cuba, what a pity, I heard it´s great. Political stuff. Well, this technology is really amazing, gotta check yourself, if you haven´t done that yet.

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