Blogger Status: Vacations in Algarve

That´s right, I´m having vacations in Algarve. It´s not a joke, but once I can´t go abroad for vacation, and share them in my blog, at least I post about my country, which is a great place for vacations.
Today I went to the beach with the kids that attend the school I´m working and I feel like posting about the "Blue Flags" that distinguish the good beaches.
The beach is lovely here, last weekend we had around 35ºC and the water was at 23º. A real luxury, if you add this weather to our sea food specialities, clubs and discos, Algarve is one of the best places in South Europe to have vacations.
Algarve´s population triples during summer time, and for those who live here all year round, like me, summer months are chaotic, there´s no place to park, everywhere you turn there´s a tourist or a Portuguese immigrant.
Well, one thing that assures Algarve´s beaches good quality is the Blue Flag. By European standards, a beach that has this flag is considered a very good quality one. So if you´re travelling abroad for vacations in Europe, look for the beaches with this flag.
See you soon.

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