Vacations in Brighton: WeLoveLocal Guide

If I had the chance of having vacations this summer I would find a way to get a budget and one thing I´d love to do is visit Brighton. From what I´ve researched for this vacation´s possibility, I found that Brighton is a very enchanting and cosmopolitan seaside city located in Britain.
You may wonder why I would chose this city, but I´ll explain you my main reasons. Brighton has all the qualities for a great summer vacation, either you like calmness or not. They have good hotels and restaurants, culture and monuments for visitors, parks, local business and a nightlife that is well known on that side of the English Channel. With all this facilities, Brighton has all the qualities to have lovely vacations or to spend just a few days.
Plus all this, and because we love water, I would sure visit the UK’s largest free Watersports Festival. On Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th July there´s "The Paddle Round The Pier Beach Festival" and there will be many and events taking place.
One thing I´m sure, If I could go there first I would need to visit, so I don´t get lost there. is a Brighton guide that features local business listings, reviews, recommendations and Google maps.

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