Night Clicks Blogger Status: Weekend!

Hi everyone. Weekend arrived, and I can say again: TGIF!
My part-time work is going great, I´m enjoying very much taking care of kids and, as usual, I can only post in Night Clicks at night.
This weekend is too hot to go to the beach, almost 40º C ,and we can only go out after 16.00 pm because it´s too hot. So, this weekend I´m going to write posts for my blogs and do the house work.
At this moment, my main source to earn money online is paid writing jobs and I can´t complaint much because I´m earning more money with this activities than with PTC/PTR websites. This monrh I was sick for a few days, and I wasn´t able to work much.
I hope you can understand my choice because the blog´s advertising is nothing compared to the money I earn with writing, and once I´m not selling links or any affiliate products directly, I´m reducing my ability to earn money online, but it´s a choice I made.
I´ve been posting very often about free websites resources I found online, and I´m enjoying blogging about this topics. I found a few more websites I´d like to blog about, so this weekend I´ll be working on this posts too.
See you soon.

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