Blogger Status. Organizing and Planning Vacations

Hello. TGIF!
I´m dropping a few lines to talk about me, my recent online and offline activities.
I almost gave up using PTR/PTC sites. I decided to invest more in my Blogs and I´m quite happy with my decision. I´m very surprised with the results of my two other blogs, they have more traffic than Night Clicks.
I guess I got "hooked" on the blogosphere and I haven´t been able to focus, as I´d like to, on earning money online. I´m saying this because I recognize that I´ve been working more in my posts than anything else. By the way, I need to organize my work online, I have to make a schedule, program my posts and my activities, so I can organize myself better. It´s summertime here, my daughter is on school´s vacation and I´d like to go with her to the beach. I´ve also been trying to organize/clean up my laptop´s files and I have saved everything on CD´s.
I´m at a stage where I´m learning with a future objective in mind, taking a step further, like buying my own dot com domain to host a blog. If I want to earn more money online, I have to take this step, but I´m hesitating because the uncomfortable idea of having to start all over again.
I´m having fun with my blogging activities but travelling to a less known world to me demands more investment and compromise from my side. I earn enough money to do this but I don´t know if I´m ready to take this path now. I know that if I want to earn more money I have to get my own domain.
If I take this step maybe I´ll have more opportunities to earn money blogging but things don´t work in a proporcional way. Well, this are only thoughts, ideas, I´ll keep you updated. See you soon.

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