Social Spark´s Marketplace is for All Advertisers

SocialSpark has a marketplace where any advertiser can promote their product, service or website trough blogs.
Nowadays, Blogs are considered to be one of the best online word of mouth marketing, brand building and traffic generation. Advertising on blogs can really deliver results because, besides ads, blogs can provide unique content and personal opinions too.
I think that advertising in blogs is not expensive, if you consider the time a campaign can be running and money spent. Advertisers can get quality advertising at affordable prices.
To make the most out of this type of advertisin posts should fit blog’s main writing topic. In I found blogs that post on a vast array of topics, so the marketplace is suitable for many different advertisers.
Personally, I would like to see more advertisers related to website development, design, or other related opportunities in which I could promote free trials or products.
Once I have a blog about home life and being a mom, where I post some of my favorite recipes, I would like to see more food or home-life related brands. Home-life blogs can cover many different topics so there are many possibilities to advertise brands. I´d like to see brands of: Personal care products like perfume, shampoos or make-up, food, clothes, child related products, insurance, health-care, etc.

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