My Blogging Agenda

As I mentioned in my last Blogger Status, I´m trying to organize my online activities. I´ve been thinking about this topic the whole week and I think the best way is to make an agenda, decide how to manage my time, and stick to the plan.
I have a few hours free every day at night, I try to update my blogs frequently, but sometimes I have the feeling I didn´t do a thing, I just spent the whole time reading other blogs and jumping from one site to another. I understand that learning is necessary but I must admit that sometimes I get carried away. I spend my free hours reading instead of working to earn money online. So, I need to change this and make a plan.
I´m thinking about making something like: On Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays I work in my Glass Art blog. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays I work in My Country Home blog, and in Night Clicks, where I earn some money, I work almost every day. In my two other blogs I have less advertising and I blog for fun. I´ll try this idea and see how it works, I think it´s better to have a simple plan than none :)
Any suggestions? Comments or ideas are welcome.
See you soon.

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