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Some months ago, I wanted to change the way my blog looks but I didn´t know exactly what to do. I thought I had to have advanced knowledge in HTML, contract a third-part service, and spend a lot f money to have a more professional theme.
I was wrong, after researching I found a few free resources and wrote two posts about free templates for blogger.
Well, today I´m posting about a good resource for Wordpress themes. is a website where you can find some of the best themes for Wordpress powered blogs. In this website you can download quality and professionally designed Wordpress templates for free. provides a good selection of free themes, you can choose from a diversity of categories in many different colors. You´ll be able to chose themes including two or three columns, a left or right sidebar, Adsense ready, widget ready, amongst other categories. One of my favorite theme is Fractal Rainbow because it´s simple but colorful.
If you don´t know how to change your blog´s template, you don´t need to worry because installing wordpress themes is very easy. You don´t need to have advanced knowledge, or be an expert in website development, just follow the step-by-step guide Topwthemes provides.

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Norhafidz said...

Thanks for sharing! They do have some great themes. Just wondering though, why don't you use wordpress?

Mizé said...

Hi. Thanks for dropping by and for commenting.
When I started blogging I only knew blogger platform, I found Wordpress blogs only some moths later. Regards.