Blogger Status: We Went to the Beach!

Hi. I´m writing a blogger status about my first vacation´ days. Well, in fact my school´s vacations started last weekend but I wasn´t feeling ok, so last week doesn´t count. This year I won´t have real vacations because I started working last March and I´ll only have a few days off in September, when I finish the six months contract.
This weekend I went to the beach for the first time this year. It´s about 30ºC here, and the best place to be is nearby Atlantico´s warm waters. Once I won´t have a real vacations, I have to enjoy the weekends the best I can.
Before going to the beach I realized we had ran out of sun cream. Here in Algarve we can´t go to the beach without it, our skin is very light and with 30º temperature is very easy to get sun burned, especially my daughter.
It was great, my daughter loves the water and she never wants to come out. For the first time this summer we spent some quality time together. Hope I can repeat this all the weekends to come. See you soon.

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