Entrecard for Bloggers: Credits for Free Advertising

Hi all. I´m feeling much better, after a few pills and some good rest.
Today I bring you another one of my experiences trying to earn money online: Entrecard Website, a free service for bloggers that works with a credit/points system.
You can see the widget in my sidebar, as I´m writing this post it has other blog´s advertising. Entrecard works like this: You place the Entrecard widget in you blog and you can earn credits in a few ways:

* Other bloggers can drop their card in your blog – You earn 1 credit each drop

* You can drop your widget on other blogs – You earn 1 credit each drop

* You can accept advertising – You earn credits raging from 2 to unlimited, for a 24 hours period, and you have to approve each ad.

With the credits you earn you can: Advertise on other blogs, run contests on your blog, transfer credits to someone else´s account, shop for blogging related products and services or exchange the credits for money, for example, by selling them on e-Bay.
After you register you can add several blogs and you´ll have access to all statistics from your dashboard. To make a drop or any transaction you have to be logged in. For now, I´m trying Entrecard, I´ll keep you updated about my experieces with this site because, for now, I don´t know for sure what can a blog like mine earn with this system.

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