Free Copyright Services

Lately I´ve had less writing jobs, so I dedicate some of my time to my "investigations". This time I found a website that maybe helpful to writers who want to, somehow, protect their work.
If you think you need to copyright your articles or posts, I found a website that does this for free, well at least they do a part of the job. The free copyright service works like a web archive where you can keep a copy of what you write under your author´s name.
To use this service you need to create a free account in My Free Copyright website using your e-mail. Then, you login your account and get a widget to add your posts, or blog´s side bar. Each post that has this widget is copied to a file, assuring you´re it´s author. They also have a paid safe service where you can keep your original creations. If you´d like to check this out better, you can read their TOS and find their website in:

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