Free E-Books

I joined one of those big giveaway, where well known Internet Marketers, that make money online, offer free e-books. This "free guiveaways" works like this: You guive them your e-mail, they guive you access to download the free e-books copies, and then they use your mail to try to sell you other products they have. That´s the catch of this free guiveaway. Basicly, this is how it works, but sometimes the e-books are useful, and this is the case.
I downloaded some e-books and software and I already finished reading two of them. I´ve read one report and one e-book that maybe helpful.
The report is about the topic "How to make money writing articles", and the e-book is about building traffic to blogs or websites. So, if anyone´s interested in a free copy, just mail me, I´ll be glad to share my copies as they have resell rights.

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