IBSN Website- Free Registration Service for Blogs

Blogs are websites that are updated frequently. A Blog´s content grows and changes as time goes by. If you feel the need to register your blog, I came across a website that does that.
IBSN.org is a website that provides a free registration service for blogs whatever medium they may be published on. As it´s stated in this site, beginning on November 1, 2006, it becomes the official IBSN registration and tracking website.
If you register your blog in IBSN you can create a barcode to identify your blog, like the one I have in the bottom of Night Clicks front page. The code bar may include your favorite numbers, if your number combination is available.
The process is simple, you register your blog in their website, you copy the widget HTML code to a file, and you upload the codebar to your blog. With this free service you get your blog registered, identified, listed in their website with a link.
You can find this website in: http://ibsn.org/

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