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Lately, I´ve been posting about free online resources for websites or blogs and I´ve been sharing free e-books that I find useful. If you´ve been following my blog you probably noticed that I like to earn money online, but I also like to blog just for the fun. In the passed three months, I´ve been trying to post useful information for others that are doing the same activities.
The truth is each time I find a free useful resource I think to myself: "I must blog about this, it´s useful to me, maybe it´s useful to share in Night Clicks". Slowly, I´ve been moving away from GPT information, but I perspective this as a natural movement and as an improvement in my blogging activities.
I´ve posted about my sources of inspiration and my favorite readings, I even wrote a post about my online routines. With time, my attitude towards earning money online changed, and each time I take a new step or find a new activity to earn money, first I try it myself and then I report my progress or failure in Night Clicks. I decided to keep things that way, and now that I´ve been doing writing jobs since April, I reached a few conclusions and I´m working in a couple of articles to share my experiences. Check back in some days, I´ll post them as soon I´m finished.

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