Websire Review: Network Solutions´ Domain Name Scorecard

If you´re thinking about starting your own website there´s a few important topics that you will have to consider before you take action. You´ll have to decide your domain name (.com, .net, etc), web hosting, security and which website tools you will need. If your budget allows, a practical solution is to contract a professional web design service. If you have enough skills you can do this task yourself but you´ll need a web site builder.
On the other hand, if you´re thinking about setting an online store, you´ll also need to consider starting a merchant´s account to be able to receive online payments.
If you´re a webmaster already you´ll need to be sure if all this aspect are helping your online business and that you´re getting the best solutions available for your budget.
Network Solutions is a website that provides a free quiz that tells you if your domain name is helping your online business prosper.
To do the free quiz you answer three questions, then the site provides a domain scorecard based on the analysis of six key areas of domain name success. This free domain name analysis may help you decide if you´re using the right solutions for ways to improve your domain name scorecard score.

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