Shelfari: Social Network for People who Love Books

I love surfing the net to learn and some of my last posts focused on learning resources and my own experiences. It´s great to know that we have this huge amount of free information just a few clicks away, but sometimes I miss the interactivity with books. You may think of me as old-fashioned, I don´t mind that at all because I´m a persons that loves to read a printed book, specially books related to my studies area.
If you like reading books or update your knowledge in new editions then I recommend you check out Shelfari´s website. Shelfari is a free social network for people who love books.
With Shelfari you can create these widgets like a virtual shelf to show off your books, see what your friends are reading, discover new books and read other user´s reviews.
The Shelfari widget works on most blogs and social networks, including Blogger, LiveJournal, MySpace, Typepad, Xanga, Vox,, Facebook and more.
To display the shelf in your blog first you choose the books you wish to add, then copy the code provided, which is a common HTML code like other widgets have, and add it to your blog. Lately, I´ve been visiting Shelfari to find interesting books related to the content of my other blog, called My CountryHome.

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