Technology Carrers and Cisco´s Carrer Certification Programs

In the present global economy model, where telecommunications evolution has a privileged role, companies and industries pursuit development in their activities and continue to adopt networking technology and infrastructures.
Once networking technology has grown widely in the last years, the demand for competent IT professionals continues to increase leading to good career opportunities in different industries. This growing development also demands that technology experts frequently update their knowledge to achieve carrier growth.
If you´re a network Professional or you´re considering a career in technology the Cisco Career Certifications program gives you the skills you need to build your credibility or to enter and become successful in today’s IT job market.
The widely respected IT certification programs available through Cisco Career Certifications is composed by three levels of general certification: Associate, Professional, and Expert. Cisco´s Certifications also provide specialization in six different areas such as Routing and Switching, Network Security, and Service Provider.
Besides general certifications, network professionals can improve their core networking knowledge by achieving specialist certification in technologies such as security, IP telephony, and wireless.
My husband has been working in telecommunication technology field for 18 years now. He works for a big company and he´s a specialized technician in energy systems applied in telecommunications. Since the beginning of last year, he´s helping the development of a network system that allows energy technicians the control of a few equipments. I´m sure he would benefit from a Cisco certification in Wireless or Mobility because their training courses are available in a variety of custom and online learning options.

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