Night Clicks Topics: New Blogrolls and Widgets

Hi. As you may have noticed I have some new additions in Night Clicks` sidebar.
This post is to update what I recently added. First I made a simple green button for Night Clicks to be included in the Ultimate Learning Place project and I added this website button to my sidebar. Not long before I had added Night Clicks to the Millions Blogs List project.
A couple days after, I joined the "Do Follow" blogggers community. You can find a blogroll in my side bar that has a list of many different Blogs which have active commenting sections. I also need to try this longer before I can form an opinion. Anyway, I think it´s best to write a website review about this topic.
I also signed up this blog in Entrecard and added their widget. I´m not sure if I should add My CountryHome blog to this system, for now I´m trying it for a couple weeks only with Night Clicks.
I joined a Brazilian Community with my Portuguese Glass Art Blog in which I meet new bloggers that love news, at the moment I have in Night Clicks one link to Afarias Blog.
I also added a Blogroll specially for online friends that I meet trough Social Spark website. My first guest is "The Mom with Brownies" blog and I intend to have some more in a near future.
It´s all for now. See you soon.

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