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I joined Entrecard Bloggers Community exactly one month ago, and I´m happy I did. In a recent post I mentioned Entrecard as a way to earn money trough blog advertising but I wasn´t sure about values and the way the system works.
This last month was enough to see, at least, three advantages of including Night Clicks in Entrecard:

a) In this first month I earned over 500 credits and I had advertisers every day, which helped me reach this amount; I can buy 1000 credits in Entrecard website for $9.50, but I´m not sure how much money I can earn selling my credits on E-Bay or to other bloggers, probably less money.

b) I had more visitors and my Alexa is getting better (lower nr) because many Entrecard users have Alexa toolbar;

c) I came across very well written blogs and I´m learning, amongst other things, how other bloggers make money online.

My top droppers for this month were:

Slow Streamyx

Make Money Online

All About Medicine

Monkey Fables And Tales

A Simple Life

Make Money Online

New York

Thanks all for your drops!
I do return all drops even if I can´t make it on the same day. I´m dropping my card this way: I visit the blog, read a post or two, and when it´s appropriate, I leave a comment. Then, I move on to the blog that is being advertised in the blog´ widget (if any ad is running), giving the blog owner a valid drop in their cards and a click in their sponsors.
This way I find blogs randomly, and everybody wins: I earn one credit for each drop, the blog I visit earns one credit from my drop, a click in their widget sponsor for that day (good for statistics and status in E.), sometimes I comment and if I like the content, they earn a new reader. Next month I´ll do a new balance to compare with this one.
See you soon.

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