Student´s Life Post: I Passed!

I´m happy to announce that I passed all my school exams. I was in the final year of my degree but because I started working I decided to split it in two years.
This year I managed to finish all theoric subjects and my residence which was very important because I had the chance to practise what I´ve studied and I learned a lot. I also did one exam, a theoric work about a disease and my final residence´report that had 150 pages. To finish my degree I still have to write a dissertation project after conducting a scientific investigation. This last year is very demanding so I decided to split it in two. This way I can do all the things I love and spend more quality time with my family, which is a very important to me.
School starts again in October and will last until July 2009. Now that I´m working I have to start saving money to pay for next year´ taxes and school expenses. Well, I already managed to finish five years of studies, and I´m confident that I´ll finish everything next year.
See you soon.

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Gemma said...

Congratulations! :D

Mizé said...

Thanks Gemma.
I love cristal stones like the ones you have. Good Luck for your store. Cheers!