Blogger Status: August is Mine! Relax and True Vacations

Hi. It´s been quite a while since my last blogger status post, I´ve been busy researching and writing posts to my other blogs, working, working and working, so I didn´t have much chance to share stuff about me (as I usually do) here in Night Clicks.
After overcoming my health issues, now I can relax a bit and try to enjoy the rest of the summer. Due to this health issues I decided to quit my part-time job in the end of this month. I have to work on a thesis to finish my degree once and for all. The money wasn´t much either, so I think this is the best option for my future.
In September I´ll have to decide a topic to investigate, which so far I haven´t done. So, this August I can finally organize my flat, go to the beach with time to enjoy it, spend time with my daughter, go to the cinema, eat out, etc. All the things I deserve and didn´t have a chance to do because I´m always working on something. It´s a hard decision to make, I love working with kids and unemployment rate is very high these days, but I had to make up my mind fast as my contract is ending. My bigest carrer dream is to find a job in my studies area and never have to work again in other jobs or only for the money.
Well, that´s all for today, and catch you later.

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